domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013


In the paleolithic and mesolithic era we where part of existence.
The neolithic era begun and the need to control came. We no longer accepted reality. We started to master existence, we no longer hunted, we started to control the grain, the growing. 
Good and evil then appeared, in ancient mesopotamia.
Around 20 000 years have we now lived under this concept. To control. To seek good and avoid evil. But something new has happened. The ordered reality of agricultural society has now exploded to the new jungle of the highly complex technological information society.
We now have to return and be part of existence again. Control less. To flow again. There is no direction anymore. Forget evil, forget good.

Just walk freely as a hunter gatherer.

viernes, 15 de abril de 2011


Monotheistic societies such as Judaic, Christian and modern humanism has deep unequilibred constructions. Their design works well in the expansion phase because goals and purposes are defined. But they lack the very necessary cyclic nature: spring – summer – autumn – winter or the dualistic chaos/order equilibrium. When evil was defined as an enemy the second phase of existence was cast out. Death, chaos and destruction were defined as bad and to be avoided. Society entered an hyperfertile existence, a sort of malignous tumor reality without negative feedback.

jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

Is god observing ? and Destruction of Systems

In the question if we are being observed, I would say, yes. Should this be worrying: as long as you don´t become a decease for your god: don´t worry. Try to be a catalysing component in a way to improve these crystals. Sometimes it is about building. Sometimes it is about destroying obsolete elements. In this extremely fertile society of today I would say we are in a big need of some mayor destruction. Certain systems grow to big and complex it reaches a point were there is not enough energy to keep it together. Then it rottens from inside and desinteger. No effort is required in such task, it just happens. One should be alert not to clinger to one of these obsolete energy constellations. Simultaneously new constellations appears, similar to the big and complex original one, but more sparse and energy efficient in its construction.

Battle of Gods

Even more speculative thinking could be focused on the theme: is this god in conflict with other gods? I would guess: yes.

How this battle of gods takes form is subject to deep speculations. As a basic premise we could imagine a battle were there is some kind of interest conflict. For example: we don´t attack the bacteria in our intestines, we just act when some kind of bacteria creates problems for us or becomes a disease. In present existence one can visualize an acute problem with the big supragods, nature and the contemporary technocratic society. And the ideal solution doesn´t lie in a form of destruction, it more likely lies in how to evolve into a symbiotic cohabitation.


Let´s then imagine us living in a reality consisting of multiple constellations of energy crystalized in various forms. These energy constellations then mingle in even more complex forms. In this play each of such a constellation acquires a unitarian consciousness, or mind. As a part of this constellation, let´s say a human in human society, we could call this supraconscious: god. As you rapidly will notice we will then have many gods. The god of our near society, the god of humanity and the supragod of everything and so on, up and down in the observation.

lunes, 10 de marzo de 2008


The inca empire is an example of an unequilibred memeplex.

As an original meme was the fact that the new inca, or leader, would just inherit the title and military leadership. The lands conquered by the previous inca, or leader would still be under the administration of the old incas court. This ment that the only alternative for the new inca was to conquer. This resulted in an explosive expansion.

Westerns think that the Spaniards conquered the incas but the fact was that they showed up in a moment when the empire was in unequilibrium. The fact is that the empire couldn’t keep conquering. To the north there were strong central American cultures, to the west the sea, to the east the jungle and to the south the Chilean aborigines to the day still unconquered.

So the last inca, Atahualpa, tried to get hand on the old incas wealth which was well guarded by it’s old courts. In this moment of internal intrigues came Francisco Pizarro whom ruthlessly used the situation and conquered it all in a single move, the Battle of Cajamarca.

sábado, 8 de marzo de 2008


An original meme also needs an equilibrium meme which allows the system to stabilize. Otherwize would the driving force of the original meme never find an equilibrium and permit it to cristalize.
In western humanistisc society would this equilibrium meme be LOVE.
This equilibrium meme or LOVE gives the system the ability to have tolerance and cooperate.